It has been 3 weeks since I started the Blogilates 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge. To recap, I started out barely being able to do 5 leg lifts the first day to being able to do a total of 35 ab exercises by the end of the first week. I just finished the third week and I’m up to a total of 75 exercises! It’s amazing how quickly your body adapts and gets stronger. I’m definitely struggling to finish the last set but it feels great when you’re done.

I haven’t experienced any ab soreness since the first week. However, I definitely notice a difference in how strong they feel when I flex them. I know, who really flexes their abs right? It’s a new found appreciation I guess…

I have noticed a little bit of lower back pain so I’m thinking of pairing the abs workout with a lower back strengthening workout. I’ll post something on that later.

Diet and Exercise

This week I had three social events over the weekend so that was a little bit of a challenge but I managed to stay mostly on track. It’s Monday, so I’m back on track with my normal routine. As for exercise, I stayed on top of my abs challenge as well as the thigh challenge. I completed the 30-Day Thigh Challenge a while back but I decided to keep it going with my friends who wanted to start it so I’ve been doing that as well.

I also stayed on top of walking this week. I walked 25 minutes 5 days this week. I usually split up my walking and challenge exercises and just try to get them done when I can. This week, I’m going to try to do my walking first to get my heart rate up and then do the challenge exercises immediately after and see how that goes. I’ll keep you updated on that.

Group Chat with Friends

The group chat continues to be very effective in motivating everyone. Everyone has noted how much more difficult this week has gone but has managed to keep it going.

If you missed a day or ended up stopping, I encourage you to do it with someone at home or a friend over chat or text to keep each other motivated.


This week, I’m seeing the most results in the upper abs. I also see some definition in the side abs, probably due to the criss cross set.

Blogilates 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge Day 21