30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge-Extended

I started the Blogilates 30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge about 2 months ago. I was so pleased after the 30 days that I decided to keep going. I decided that I was going to challenge myself for a total of 3 months and make it a 90 day challenge. This is my 60 day update. As […]

Health Quote of the Day

This quote is by Anne Wilson Schaef. I came across this quote a couple of months ago and it really resonated because of all of the effort it takes to be healthy. It’s defnitely not something that you can buy. And what you get is a savings for the future.

30-Day Flat Abs Challenge (Week 4 Update)

Whew it’s been 4 weeks since I started the Blogilates 30-day Flat Abs Challenge. This week was killer. I had to take a short breather in between sets. Somehow I’m off 2 days again…I don’t know how this happened. I did the exercises every day for 30 days but I’m at 21 per set today […]

30-Day Flat Abs Challenge (Week 3 Update)

It has been 3 weeks since I started the Blogilates 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge. To recap, I started out barely being able to do 5 leg lifts the first day to being able to do a total of 35 ab exercises by the end of the first week. I just finished the third week and […]