It’s been 2 weeks since I started the Blogilated 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge. The first week, I had sore abs and felt like my abs were definitely getting a workout. This week, there was less soreness and I felt like I am getting a lot stronger. The workout has definitely intensified and I can feel my heart rate going up but there’s an ease about getting them done. The leg lifts are surprisingly getting easier. I still have to bend my knees a little but it’s not as difficult as it was the first week. The reverse crunch is still a killer though. I feel like they are also inadvertently working out my triceps. We also started the criss cross. I like that one because it feels like it’s working out the side abs.

Diet and Exercise

My diet has stayed the same this week. I walked 4 times this week for 25 minutes. It was really hot so it was hard to do my goal of 5 times.

Group Chat with Friends

Thanks to my group chat with my friends who are doing the 30-Day Challenge with me, I haven’t missed a day. They have been encouraging and the whole experience has been great.


The first week, I thought my good results were amplified because I thought I ate a lot on day 0 but I can definitely feel the results in my clothes and it’s only week 2, especially in the lower abs.

Week 2 of 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge