There’s such a sense of accomplishment for something so simple. That’s how I felt after finishing the Blogilates 30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge. It wasn’t a very rigorous workout which is why I was able to stick with it for the 30 days. I didn’t have amazing results but they were enough that I could feel and see a difference. Had the workout been something I dreaded, I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it for 30 days straight. In fact, before I started this challenge, I hadn’t worked out 30 days in a row…like ever!

What Now?

I like to go with the rule of 3’s for some reason. For example, 3 days, 3 weeks, 30 days, etc. I read somewhere that it takes about a month to build a new habit. Now that I’ve built this habit, I want to keep on going. I loved this routine so much that I’m going to continue for 3 months. That means doing this routine 2 more times! That got me thinking about what to do for maintenace once you finish the challenge? I thought about continuing on with Day 30 everyday but that doesn’t seem sustainable. I emailed Cassey from Blogilates to see what her thoughts are on maintenace. We’ll see what she has to say. In the meantime, I’m going to go middle of the road and go with day 15 everyday for now. We’ll see if that has any effect.

Stay Motivated

I’m doing a group chat with a few friends (different friends from the abs challenge) and a couple of them are starting at Day 1. Doing it alone still works but doing it with friends is sooo much more fun and motivating.

Conclusions & Results

There wasn’t a whole lot of change in the last few days since my last post but I’ll reiterate what my thoughts are. The front and side of my thighs definitely feel tighter and slimmer. My inner thighs also feel slimmer but not as much as the front and side. I also noticed a difference in the outter buttocks by the side thighs. That was a bonus that I wasn’t expecting.

As I mentioned, this is a gradual and incremental 30-Day challenge that didn’t make me sore and I wasn’t dreading it. The first 2 weeks were super easy but by the third week, I started to feel like it was actually a challenge. The last 10 days were probaby the biggest challenge but also got my heart rate up the most and I enjoyed it.

If you’re looking to do a challenge that is reasonable and you have a higher chance of sticking to, try this challenge. So if you read my first post on this challenge, I talked about wearing shorts after this challenge. Am I wearing shorts now? No…but because I can’t find the pair that I bought so maybe I just need to get another pair. Maybe it’s more of a mental thing but I’m going to keep going. This time, I’ll post my updates monthly.

Blogilates 30-Day Thigh Challenge