I’ve been on a 30-Day Challenge kick. The 30-Day Thigh Challenge went so well that I decided to do another Challenge. A few of my friends were interested in doing the Blogilates 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge. We started it about a week ago. I’m a couple days late posting this but you can see the results of my first week. Like the Thigh Challenge, I’ll post weekly to show my progress.

I found this challenge to be more of a challenge from the start. The thigh challenge was pretty easy the first two weeks. I guess I have hella weak abs. I am feeling soreness from the get-go so it definitely feels like it’s working. I’m a little scared of weeks 3 and 4 but I have always wanted to work on my lower abs so well see how well this challege goes.

Diet & Exercise

I have not changed my diet since I started these challenges but I have started walking 4-5 times a week for about 25 minutes. I will say that I do believe walking and the challenge exercises are subconsciously changing the way I snack. I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself but I’m definitely not reaching for snacks as much so that’s contributing some amount to my results.

Get your Friends & Family Involved

I’m usually pretty good at being disciplined when I set my mind on things but one of the things that has been fun about these challenges has been doing them with friends. I started a 30-Day group chat with the friends that wanted to participate and we tell each other when we do it each day. It keeps all of us accountable and it’s fun cheering each other on. As corny as it sounds, I look forward to finishing it so I can chat with my friends and cheer them on when they finish.


Here are my results from the first week. I definitely feel like there’s some change but I honestly think I ate more on day 0 because I went out to a birthday party that day. Hence more of a pouch on day 0. I’m looking forward to how this pans out week 2!

Week 1 of 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge