No Avocado Keto Smoothie

I love avocados just as much as the next person but have you seen the prices for avocados recently? And I live in California! In addition to the crazy prices, you don’t always have a ripe avocado on hand when you want a smoothie. Therefore, I decided to develop a smoothie recipe with good fats […]

30-Day Flat Abs Challenge (Week 2 Update)

It’s been 2 weeks since I started the Blogilated 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge. The first week, I had sore abs and felt like my abs were definitely getting a workout. This week, there was less soreness and I felt like I am getting a lot stronger. The workout has definitely intensified and I can feel […]

30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge Completed!

There’s such a sense of accomplishment for something so simple. That’s how I felt after finishing the Blogilates 30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge. It wasn’t a very rigorous workout which is why I was able to stick with it for the 30 days. I didn’t have amazing results but they were enough that I could feel […]

30-Day Flat Abs Challenge (Week 1)

I’ve been on a 30-Day Challenge kick. The 30-Day Thigh Challenge went so well that I decided to do another Challenge. A few of my friends were interested in doing the Blogilates 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge. We started it about a week ago. I’m a couple days late posting this but you can see the […]

30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge (Week 4 Update)

I’m nearly 4 weeks into the Blogilates 30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge, I know I’m off by a day. This week, I noticed that I was fighting to finish each set. Somewhere after 15, I started to feel it. I’ve got only a few more days to go to finish the 30 days! I really loved […]

15-Minute Korean Cauliflower Bowl

My 10-Minute Mandarin Chicken Bowl was pretty popular so I decided to develop another tasty Asian cauliflower bowl. I might even say, I like this one better. One of my favorite things to order at a Korean restuarant is bibimbap in the stone bowl. Mmm it’s so yummy, I get hungry thinking about it. I […]

30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge (Week 3 Update)

I’m three weeks into the Blogilates 30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge. I have to say, I’ve seen the least amount of change this week. This may have been due to all the treats over the weekend and having a serious case of the munchies this week. I did the exercises every day and the number of […]

Health Quote of the Day

This quote is by Hippocrates who is often referred to as the “Father of Medicine.” This quote is great because often times, I only think of food as something pleasurable. However, when switching to a new diet or resisting temptation, it’s nice to remember this one beause what we eat has a huge impact on […]

Staying Cool with a Whole House Fan Hack

It’s summer time and that means hot weather in most places. It’s so easy to leave the air conditioning on during the day but it’s good to turn it off in the evening. Leaving your air conditioning on all night can run up your energy bill easily. If you live in a hot climate that […]

30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge (Week 2 Update)

It’s been 2 weeks since I started the Bogilates 30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge. This week the challenge added leg lifts which I thought would be the toughest but actually is my favorite of the three exercises so far. I haven’t had trouble keeping up with the exercise except for the 4th of July because I […]