Today is the first day of summer and I’m pumped and ready for warm weather, cold drinks and shorts…er not so much the shorts. I’ve never been a shorts person. In fact, I own 2 pairs of shorts that I could wear out in public but I rarely do. Last year, I moved to a city that gets up to 105 F in the summer and it’s not that I didn’t want to wear cooler clothing, it’s just that I’ve always felt uncomfortable in shorts. This year, I’m motivated to do a 30-day thigh slimming challenge in the hopes that I’ll feel more comfortable in shorts and feel a lot cooler.

I decided to try a 30-day challenge because they tend to motivate me a lot and it’s very satisfying to check off something everyday. I found this workout from I saw her YouTube video and found it easy to follow along. She also mentioned she had a free calendar so I was sold. I challenged a couple of friends to try it with me but I’ve yet to find a biter so I’m challenging anyone out there who comes across this article to do it with me. I’ll be updating weekly to talk about my progress.

Here is the link to the calendar and the basic moves.

Here is the link to her video.