Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve been mulling over what I want to do. Last year, before I embarked on my low-carb diet, I made a carb heavy brunch for my mom from savory bread pudding to cinnamon sugar topped blue berry muffins. And being a mom myself, I wanted to take the evening off and be pampered as well but that meant dining out since my three-year-old would probably serve me milk and cookies and my husband’s culinary skills include boiling noodles and making rice…not so low-carb. Dining out can still be difficult with a young child and most family friendly restaurants don’t have a lot of low-carb options.

That got me thinking about what types of low-carb Mother’s Day brunch recipes I could make for my mom that she would enjoy and I could also eat. It also got the wheels turning on how I could get my husband, who doesn’t cook, to make me a simple low-carb Mother’s Day worthy dinner. Stay tuned for a separate post on that.

Thanks to the Internet, I was able to find so many wonderful grain-free, Keto, and low-carb compliant recipes for a low-carb Mother’s Day brunch. I combed through dozens of recipes and tested out the ones that were deemed test worthy and here are my results.

The key to having a great brunch is not always quantity. Quality certainly trumps quantity in this case. Because these recipes are mostly from scratch and require some work, I would suggest picking a nice balance of three dishes that are sweet and savory and doing them well. So what will I be doing this Mother’s Day you ask? I’ll be making Eggs Benedict, crepes with blueberry compote and blackberry mojitos. I may also make a mixed berry fruit salad to liven up the plate.

Pancakes: First up are pancakes because they just have to be on any brunch menu. This recipe combines the best of two worlds, almond flour and coconut flour to create the closest thing to flour pancakes. The best grain-free pancake recipe I’ve tried so far and they aren’t dry at all.

Photo Credit: Wholesome Yum

Waffles: If you love waffles more than pancakes, you can add your favorite pancake batter to the waffle iron or you can try this low-carb waffle recipes.

Photo Credit: The Kitchen Magpie

Muffins: If muffins are a must have on your brunch menu, try this low-carb blueberry muffin recipe. They are so good, you may end up turning into the Willy Wonka Blueberry girl!

Photo Credit: Healthy Recipes Blogs

Crepes: Crepes always feel a little special and fancy so this one makes the list with a cream cheese filling and a fruit compote of your choice. I also love the cannoli filling in this crepe recipe by I Breathe I’m Hungry.

Photo Credit: Keto Mamas

Bagels: Say whaaat? Grain-free bagels did you say? While these are more on the heavier side for carbs, they’re certainly less than the original wheat version. Tell mom you love her with this recipe, it’s a labor of love but worth every bite. Create a beautiful bagel platter with the works: smoked salmon, thinly slices red onions, tender butter lettuce, whipped cream cheese (for easy spreading), capers, tomatoes, thinly sliced cucumbers, you name it!

Photo Credit: Kiwi & Carrot

Eggs Benedict: This one has to be a favorite mostly because who doesn’t love a runny egg combined with a luscious hollandaise sauce and it just looks so pretty. Moms like pretty. 🙂 Just sub the English Muffin for a low-carb version like this from Sugar Free Mom.

Photo Credit: Real House Moms

Frittata: Frittatas are an easy low-carb meal that doesn’t need a lot of substitutes. There’s no crust to convert and most ingredients are low-carb.

Photo Credit: My Keto Kitchen

Quiche: If frittatas and omelettes just aren’t calling your name, don’t worry. There are perfectly delicious low-carb quiche crust recipes at your disposal. I dare say, this crust is better than a flour one.

Photo Credit: gnom-gnom

Omelette: Like frittatas, omelettes are naturally low-carb. Spinach and mushroom is a classic. Don’t be afraid to jazz it up with other ingredients that mom loves. Feta cheese and some cherry tomatoes add pops of flavor and are great additions to omelettes.

Photo Credit: Paleo Hacks

Cocktail: A beautiful cocktail will make any brunch as elegant as mom. This recipe can be substituted with any berry. If you don’t have rum, substitute with white wine and spritz it up!

Photo Credit: Keto Diet App